Cancun Rentals, beautiful colonial courtyard, best value in town, the Cancun "inconnu" Suites El Patio : Ave Bonampak # 51, Supermanzana 2A  Cancun, Q. Roo, Mexico 77500 Frente torres de Puerto Cancun  Cancun Suites El Patio across from Puerto Cancun Marina and Golf resort

Suites El Patio or Cancun INN is the red square on the right
If you search in Google maps,   the whole area has many errors: like   "puerto juarez airport"  where it should say  "Puerto Cancun"

 Puerto Juarez is another municipality and it does not have an airport.

GPS   lat= 21 9'58.44"N       lon=-8649'14.76"W

THE CITY LAYOUT : Main street running from North to South, is Ave. Tulum ( airport road) , which divides Cancun into East and West sides. East is the "up side of town" and West is the oldest and  run down side of town. The airport is located South of Cancun city, Punta Sam is located in the North, The Hotel Zone and beaches are on the West of the city.
EAST from main Ave Tulum and the bus station, is the best location in Cancun City. Puerto Cancun Marina and Golf  on  Ave. Bonampak are on the Eastside..... High-end restaurants and boutiques are on Ave. Bonampak which with the opening of Marina Village Shopping Center, is prime location..... East side is upper residential and commercial side of town. Best malls, entertainment, restaurants , boutiques, best discos in the city are located on Bonampak Ave. Puerto Cancun, Malecon, Bullring plaza with its colorfull cantinas are on Bonampak Ave.
WEST from Ave Tulum, is the oldest part of town ,   Ave. Yachilan, Palapas Park, Market 28 Flea Market, are on the Westside. Hostels and oldest hotels, are located on West side and on Ave. Tulum. Blue collar services and hangouts are on and West Ave. Tulum. New residential areas have developed on the West beyond the downtown area, but they are of no interest for tourist purposes.

Puerto Cancun main entrance, Cancun  Residence Suites  are  located across the street from Puerto Cancun

Kukulcan fountain intersection of Av.Bonampak and Av. Kululcan which isthe hotel zone boulevard. Bonampak is the first Ave. coming into Cancun from the hotel zone. 8 miles from Cancun's airport.


It is so well organized and easy that it is NOT WORTH to pay extra money to have a special airport pick up. ( if the driver "forgets" to meet you at the airport, it will cause you more confusion than benefit) Ticket booths are just a few steps after you clear customs.

PRIVATE TAXIS $ 40 dlls will take you direclty to our hotel in just 15 min.

COLLECTIVE VANS: is a DOOR TO DOORSERVICE, they will parade you through all the hotel strip ( kind of acity tour) leaving customers along the way.
Don't let the driver trick you that the service ends up at the city hall or some place else downtown, we are just two blocks from the city hall and our street is a VERY important Avenue in Cancun , it shouldn't be difficult for the driver to find us. Aprox 11 usd. p.p.

BUS SHUTTLE: aprox $3.50 usd butyou have to walk to the bus parking lot at the airport and then fromthe bus depot downtown you will either have to walk 300yds dragging your luggage or take a taxi for another $3 usd. It is the best option if you dont have luggage. If you have luggage and $ 5 usd savings is not a significant amount in your budget, it is better to take the van.
Have our WHOLE address handy so you can show it to the driver.
Cancun Suites El Patio , Ave Bonampak 51, esquina calle Cereza, Supermanzana 2A, frente a las torres de Puerto Cancun

If you are renting a car at the airport and planto drive to our place, have the clerk at the rental company show you in a map where is Puerto Cancun. When entering the city you can see Puerto Cancun towers from far , we are located across from them.
The airport road, when entering the city comes to a big circle point,Ave Bonampak starts here. Follow Puerto Cancun and Ave. Bonampak signs.
If you are coming from the hotel zone (beaches, Ave. Bonampak is the first Ave you will find coming into town from the hotel zone, turn right (north) you will find us half a mile from the intersection,almost in front of Puerto Cancun's main entrance. Puerto Cancun Towerscan be seen from far.
Between Ave. Uxmal and Ave.Garcia de la Torre.

Rentals  should be paid in advance + loss or damage deposit is required.
If you have deposited in our account please have with you the proof of deposit .